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Sand Stone Buddha

Sand Stone Buddha

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Odisha Sand Stone Sculpture 4 ft Buddha, one of the most desirable icons helps to bring peace and harmony. 


Gautama Buddha,  founder of Buddhism, the  Shakyamuni  ” the sage of the Shakya clan”. The person who has to intend on a trek to discover the path to freedom from suffering, leaving his royal life behind. Each statue has its own features and characteristics that define its meaning and purpose.

Here he is in sitting form, called “Vajrasana” where his both leg crossed each other and both soles of the feet turned upward. Eyes are fully closed in deep meditating.  The tip of the thumb and index finger of his right hand is touching and forming a circle, and the palm faces inwards and the left-hand palm facing up to receive.  This posture depicts teaching, after attaining enlightenment when he gave his first sermon. The buddha statue becomes so precious, when you understand the meaning behind his poses, to live a mindful life.  The teaching Buddha statue signifies intellect, understanding, and fulfilling destiny. He preaches four truths of life:

1. Dukha – Suffering.
2. Samudaya-
 Cause of suffering.
3. Nirodaya- 
End of suffering.
4. Magga – 
Sweep of suffering.

Teaching Buddha statue is perfect for someone who is focusing on study or in spirituality. Buddha’s statue sanctifies the mind, escalates the tranquility within oneself, and helps to overcome the negative feeling. It focuses on the reality of the worldly world. Also triggers self-discipline and peace of mind. Having a Buddha statue can boost the positivity in the surrounding, strengthening all weak facets of one’s life.

Placing:  All thing have their particular place, according to Feng Shui, put it in a corner facing east, as it represents eternal knowledge and enlightenment.  again you can stimulate restorative energy by placing him in the Northeast zone.

If you are planning to place it in the garden then consider placing him near the water body or in the vicinage of flowering plants, which represent spiritual growth and reanimation. you feel more comfortable and relax while taking walk in the garden.


Care:  The statue proposes for outside too, so the stone can stand any weather, you can clean the statue with water as well as dusting can be done using a cotton cloth is, enough to ward off from dust.

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