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  • Lotus Top Tulasi Maadam With Srinivasa Perumal Symbols
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LOTUS top Tulasi maadam with Srinivasa Perumal Symbols

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Tulasi Maadam

About Tulasi Maadam

Every part of the Tulasi plant is revered and considered sacred. Even the soil around the plant and Stone Pot are  Holy.

                   -In Sri-mad Bhagavatam, the significance of the Tulsi over other plants is described as:

                  Although flowering plants like the mandāra, kunda, kurabaka, utpala, campaka, arṇa, punnāga, nāgakeśara, bakula, lily and pārijāta are full of transcendental fragrance, they are still conscious of the austerities performed by tulasī, for tulasī is given special preference by the Lord, who garlands Himself with tulasī leaves

                                             — Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 4, Chapter 15, Verse 19[22]

If a Tulsi stick is used to burn a lamp for Vishnu, it is like offering the gods lakhs of lamps.

If one makes a paste of dried Tulsi wood (from a plant that died naturally) and smears it over his body and worships Vishnu, it is worth several ordinary pujas and lakhs of Godan (donation of cows). Water mixed with the Tulsi leaves is given to the dying to raise their departing souls to heaven.

The Padma Purana declares a person who is cremated with Tulsi twigs in his funeral pyre gains. 

Which Tulsi is best for worship

  The Tulsi with dark green or purple leaves and purple stem is called Shyama-Tulsi ("dark Tulsi") or Krishna-Tulsi ("dark Tulsi"); Krishna is also a prominent avatar of Vishnu. This variety is considered especially sacred to Krishna, as its purple color is similar to Krishna's dark complexion.

Where to place Tulasi plants at home?

  • While the best place for the plant is in the east, you can also place it in the balcony or near the window in the north or the north-east direction.
  • Ensure sufficient sunlight is available near the plant.
  • Always keep the plant in odd numbers like one, three or five.
  • Do not place things such as brooms, shoes or dustbins around the planter.
  • Ensure that the area around the plant is neat and clean
  • Always place flowering plants near the plant.
  • Avoid keeping a dry plant in the house as it attracts negative energies.
  • North / East / North East / Centre of the House

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