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Tulasi maadam (Customised Designs)

Tulasi maadam (Customised Designs)

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Tulasi maadam -18”*18”*24

Peedam -21*21*6”

over all Height -30”

Designs as you Like 

* Flowers

* Stright Lines 

* Srinivasa Perumal Symbols 

* Sri Murugan symbols 

*Swastik Symbols

         In Hinduism, the swastika is considered a symbol of power, good fortune, prosperity and Mars. It is believed that swastika can fix the vastu of the house. Swastik has the powers to throw out the negative energies from the life of a person.

OHM symbol 

The word Om is defined by Hindu scripture as being the primordial sound of creation. It is the original vibration of the universe. From this first vibration, all other vibrations are able to manifest.



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